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Kingsborough has a diverse student population and our work with Achieving the Dream has revealed a number of achievement gaps. Linguist Carlos de Cuba (Speech Communication) invites you to join us in exploring Culturally Responsive Teaching. This semester we will focus on language diversity, delving into issues that arise as a result of the many different varieties of English we and our students bring to the classroom. How we treat these differences can have profound effects on student engagement and success.

This Semester we will be reading Talking College: Making Space for Black Language Practices in Higher Education (Charity Hudley, Mallinson and Bucholtz 2022). Teachers College Press. Below is a short description of the book and a link to the book’s website

Newcomers are always welcome! For more information or to join this group, please contact Carlos de Cuba at carlos.decuba@kbcc.cuny.edu.

         Group Facilitator


             Carlos de Cuba
         Speech Communication

Talking College: Making Space for Black Language Practices in Higher Education shows that language is fundamental to Black and African American culture and that linguistic justice is crucial to advancing racial justice, both on college campuses and throughout society. Writing from a linguistics-informed, Black-centered educational framework, the authors draw extensively on Black college students’ lived experiences to present key ideas about African American English and Black language practices. The text presents a model of how Black students navigate the linguistic expectations of college. Grounded in real-world examples of Black undergraduates attending colleges and universities across the United States, the model illustrates the linguistic and cultural balancing acts that arise as Black students work to develop their full linguistic selves. Talking College provides Black students with the knowledge they need to make sense of anti-Black linguistic racism and to make decisions about their linguistic experiences in college. It also offers key insights to help college faculty and staff create the liberating and linguistically just educational community that Black students deserve.

Book website:  https://talkingcollege.org/






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